Caregiver News November 2021

Social Media and More

Join Anthony Diaz as he talked about the many forms of social media and how you can get out there. WHile some companies solely rely on Facebook anthony share many ways to get out there including something as simple as name tags.

You Just Got to Laugh

Join Anthony Diaz from Rosa's Chante Assisted Living and Dr Tyler Woods as they explore having a sense of humor in care giving.

Rosa's Corner Show 24

It is important to look at a clutter free environment when dealing with memory issues. Clutter can create havoc in the residents home. Though Dr. Woods and Anthony joke about OCD, they really tackle the issues of clutter.

Rosa's Corner Show 23

Join Anthony Diaz this week as he talks about what caregivers like him do to relax. Sometimes it is just being with family. No matter what, it is important that caregivers relax.  Watch here

Anthony's Corner Show 22

Anthony Diaz talks about how important it is to visit people when they are in assisted living. It makes all the difference.

Rosa's Corner Show 20

Care giving and humor is vital when working in an assisted living home. You have got to have some sort of sense of humor to make this work more joyful. Listen as Anthony Diaz talks to Dr. Tyler Woods about humor. See the video here.

Rosa's Corner Show 18

What is a caregiver?
Anthony Diaz will offer answers that will give you some insight. Learn what a caregiver is and what it takes. Watch here

Rosa's Corner Show 17

Anthony Diaz talks about doing it all. Caregiver, coordinator, does his own adverting, develops his own programs, started up several groups for caregivers. He is a one man band and one of the more successful ones in Tucson, which shows you, if you want something done, you have to do it yourself...with community support and love. Watch Now

Rosa's Corner Show 13

Anthony Diaz is a busy man. He does a great deal of community work. Today he takes the time out to talk about all the exciting things that is happening for March 2017. You don't want to miss this. Watch Here

Anthony's Corner show 12 Dementia

This is an important show about dementia and well worth the watch. Please watch the video now to gain a better understanding. Watch Video

Rosa's Corner Show 11

Death and Dying is part of life. How does one cope and deal with it? Anthony Diaz talks about what so many people do not like to talk about. Watch Video here

Welcome 2017

Join Anthony Diaz Anthony Diaz talks about mental health and seniors and how to cope with mental health issues and concerns. View here.

Welcome to Rosa's Chante Assisted Living Home in Tucson, Arizona

Here is a short video to learn more about Rosa's Chante Assisted Living Home.

Rosa's Chante Assisted Living Home provides supportive living services to people who can no longer live alone. Their goal is to maintain a home atmosphere where their residents and their families can depend on them to support them safely and lovingly. They strive to maintain a pleasant, stress free environment where residents' families & friends can feel at home.
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