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Anthony's Onsite Clinic

Owner/ Manager, Anthony Diaz, takes pride in the scope of services that are available.  On the premises of Rosa's Chante, Anthony has established an onsite CLINIC.  At the clinic, medical Specialists in Dermatology,Dentistry, Podiatry, Psychology and, of course, General and Geriatric Medicine, meet with residents individually to serve their needs.

In addition, many procedures and tests that a resident may normally have to be transported offsite for,  can be performed onsite and in the Clinic.     EKG's, blood draws, sonograms, Doppler studies and other medical services are provided by medically licensed personnel onsite (as prescribed by a physician).

Dr. Tyler Woods, Ph.D,  a board certified mental health practitioner, works closely with Anthony Diaz and residents that require counseling.   Dr. Woods works onsite at the facility, meeting the residents in the home or the clinic.