Hi Anthony Diaz of Rosa’s Chante Assisted Living Home here to talk about the idea of giving of oneself as a way of life. Being an assisted living home owner/director, I am considered a caregiver, and as such one would think that I would be predisposed to giving to others, and fortunately I am. I believe that compassionate giving of oneself is one of the main qualifications of a caregiver, and wouldn’t it be great if it was applied to daily life in general. Think about it, there is so very much expectation of receiving something, anything from others in today’s world that if we step back from the give to get mentality everyone could be just a little better off? Perhaps a little kinder? A little more grateful?
As caregivers, a caring benevolent attitude is somewhat expected of us; however, to practice kindness with a giving spirit doesn’t always come as naturally to some as to others, some people truly have to cultivate the patience and even-mindedness that is required to ensure those under our care receive the best possible chance of thriving despite whatever difficulties put them in the position to need care, whether short or long-term.
I try to promote a giving attitude in whatever endeavor I may be involved with, whether it is community outreach, consulting, public relations, tending to my residents at Rosa’s or simple daily interactions with family and friends. So as we enter our holiday season, let’s all think about the many benefits simple benevolence can produce for us all.

As The Holidays Approach

Hi, Anthony Diaz here, and yes I know it is only October, but it is time to start talking about the approaching holidays and seniors, mainly those who may reside in assisted living care homes. What many people may not realize is that the holidays can bring up hidden stresses that would not normally be recognized in their aging or ill family or friends. As we age and or develop memory or other ongoing health issues, the way that we process information changes, and this can cause reactions that could appear to be out of character with how we once were able to negotiate our way through stress. Here at Rosa’s Chante Assisted Living Home our certified and caring manager and staff are trained to notice when a resident under our care is showing signs of stress and we work with that resident to deescalate the anxiety.

Another aspect of approaching holidays, is the grief some of our residents may feel over not being with or close to family members that may have passed on already or are not available to visit regularly. Again, grief can cause someone who suffers from dementia or other conditions to have uncharacteristic mood and physical health changes, partially because sometimes the client or resident does not understand what they are feeling, they simply know something isn’t right.

One thing I think is important is to provide a lot of visual stimulation. I decorate, for most holidays. I do this to help my residents feel like they are as close to home as possible. Sometimes the visual reminders can help raise spirits and encourage reminiscing between the residents. Rosa’s Chante Assisted Living Home is dedicated to helping our residents have as full a life as possible despite any limitations they may suffer from such as any form of dementia, stroke, terminal cancer, etc. We offer a full spectrum of care and that includes being aware of and managing the possible stresses that the holiday season can bring to our residents.

My Personal 25 Year Silver Anniversary as a Caregiver

Anthony Diaz here and I would like to talk about my recent 25 year silver anniversary as an adult caregiver. I recently won the “What Can I Do for You” award through The Eastside Assisted Living Alliance, which is a thought that encompasses all that I do to ensure that I am providing the best care possible to my residents at Rosa’s Chante Assisted Living Adult Care Home. These efforts include so much more than looking after our resident’s daily necessities and facilitating their medical needs, this means working with all the regulatory compliance needs, community outreach to rally for our seniors continued care, and always striving to improve the quality of our, often memory impaired as a result of some kind of dementia, residents’ life.

I’ve learned over the years a lot about what works and what does not work as well in senior resident facilities, and I am always in pursuit of ways to improve assisted living residents ongoing life despite their illnesses, behavioral or memory disorders. I’ve always put compassion to the forefront of all my dealings with residents and their families.

What I know is I’ve spent a 25 year career, a lifetime working to help make the options available for the aging, ailing, memory impaired, behaviorally challenged client for a more comfortable transition from independent living to assisted living. Rosa’s Chante Assisted Living Adult Care Home is as close to a home environment as possible, and we stress quality of living as the only option. I’m happy to be doing what I do in our community.
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Just laugh

Make Me Laugh

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Just laugh
Where would any of us be in life without a sense of humor? Every day, in some way, I am always grateful to be blessed with being able to see life with a sense of humor. Without humor, trying to manage and maintain my own business Rosa’s Chante Assisted Living Adult Care Home as well as being an active part of promoting and working toward alliances between all assisted living facilities can be overwhelming. But I have an advantage, I can always find the humor or, if not, I’ll create it.

Working with memory impaired seniors who suffer from any of the variety of dementia disorders can bring on humorous situations in daily life, and often, the residents themselves recognize how funny or silly they can be or even turn a joke on their caregivers. And, if we as caretakers, nurses, caseworkers, hospice workers and administrators need to redirect a resident from a possible spiral into a destructive behavior with cracking a joke or creating some other kind of noticeable diversion, and there is nothing like starting a round of laughter, we can ensure that the unhappy resident and their cohorts will quickly be calmed.

Laughter is contagious. Once the laughter starts everyone benefits. Our stress levels, our ability to connect with others, even our heart rates benefit from something as simple as a giggle. Senior residents, staff and I all recognize that humor can lighten the mood of most situations. Also, there is nothing like cracking a room up to promote teambuilding and this is a universal concept.
We all know that keeping the humor flowing is an important part of keeping my residents healthy and happy at Rosa’s Chante Assisted Living Adult Care Home.

Reach for the stars

Good morning from Rosa’s Chante Adult Care Home. Today I was thinking about how when we are young, like my children or grandchildren, we take for granted that we will be able to move freely about; that our muscles, joints and limbs will all work together to keep us moving, active. However, as we age everything starts to creak and we simply do not have the ready mobility we once enjoyed. This is where movement, exercises and stretches become very important.

Movement does not have to be anything more than simple stretching. Stretching can be designed for seniors that may be partially disabled by stroke or some sort of accident, or perhaps an assisted living resident has some form of dementia or other memory loss condition, exercise can be achieved with guidance. Simple, seated stretches that keep everything that can move, moving, releasing toxins that build up in the joints and muscles. If someone has a behavioral disorder, breathing exercises can be a go to tool for calming anxiety. Actually, breathing exercises are good for anyone who may be feeling stress or anxiety.

Here at Rosa’s Chante Assisted Living Adult Care Home we recognize the importance of promoting movement as part of our care and compassion for our residents. Stretching is a part of their basic care. Most of our residents look forward to the stretching exercises and participate happily no matter what their ability level is.

We use exercises from all sorts of sources like yoga, tai chi, and chair exercises for seniors. All movements are designed to get the maximum benefit for the least stress on any resident’s ability. So, come on join us and reach for the stars as you keep your body moving as best you can on any given day. Exercise not only improves our physical abilities, but out mental attitudes and our spiritual well-being as well.

Summertime at Rosa’s Chante

Summertime at Rosa’s Chante Assisted Living Adult Care Home is a time of root beer floats and conversations of summers gone by. It is a time of monsoons and gardens that Rosa’s memory impaired or behaviorally challenged residents can relax and enjoy the quiet solitude of a moment.

We have ping pong and bean bag toss for those able to participate in the coolness of a morning or after a rain that has cooled the air. For our other residents, there are plenty of shaded areas to sit and watch and cheer on their favorite or simply enjoy the day.

Sometimes, a good day can be as simple as a root beer float and the good feelings that brings with it. But not all days have such a light feel. For example, when a resident becomes reactive, or combative, or depressed, or disorientated because of dementia related memory loss, or their medications for behavioral health have either stopped working or have to be changed, then our job as adult caregivers is to work with our residents as a team and find a way back to a balance. Living with dementia or some other form of debilitating disorder is difficult enough, our job at Rosa’s Adult Care Home is to make sure all our residents have the best quality of life they can, every day.

Whether it is root beer float day or some other fun activity, no matter what our residents’ age or ability, we all can feel the freedom and happiness of a moment as a gift and as assisted living specialists, we assist in providing for and maintaining our residents’ health and well-being.

Rosa's and Grand-babies

Well I am back blogging after becoming a grandfather to two beautiful boys. I am very happy and proud to be a grandfather. I enjoy taking my older grandson out on my golf cart to go and get a treat. He loves the ride, and I get to show off what a great boy he is. Becoming a happy grandfather has also spilled over into my work at Rosa’s Chante Adult Care Home. Because I am happier and less stressed, my residents benefit from me being more relaxed.

Owning and managing an adult care home that has residents that suffer primarily from either memory loss issues or behavioral disorders can be a stressful balancing act; however, I always keep in mind that what we provide is as close to their own home as possible. Wander through the kitchen and you are likely to smell the next meal cooking on the stove or pass through the living room and the residents are watching TV or listening to music. There are outdoor areas to sit and visit with friends and relatives, all part of residing in an adult care home. I try to offer all that will help our residents be comfortable and happy despite what they may be suffering from.

Yes, dementia can be debilitating but we can still help our people be present as much as they can by making stimulating activities available that capture their attention. The residents with behavioral disorders benefit from these activities as well as they are encouraged to explore their creativity. Assisted living is just that assisting our residents in living as full a life as they are capable of. This is what we aim for here at Rosa’s Chante, good quality of life no matter what our residents’ situation.

Hi this is Anthony Diaz. I have been doing this work for over two decades. I have a great deal of information to share with you. Please read the blog and learn a few things that might help you.
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